I fell head in love with photography back in the 90s when I discovered the magic of the dark room in high school.  After joining the Army and living all over the world (to include Kuwait, and two stints in South Korea!), I went back to college for commercial photography. 
Over the years, my passion for visual storytelling has led me to specialize in personal branding and headshot photography. With a background in commercial photography and experience working with top producing Austin realtors in  magazines like Austin REAL Producers and KW Austin NOW, I love collaborating with clients to create eye-catching imagery.

Some things about me:
  • Shadows, textures, and colors make me SWOON
  • At the age of 43, I earned my black belt in Taekwondo
  • I'm a die hard Dave Matthews Band fan
  • Driving around, listening to LOUD music with my windows rolled down makes me happy
  • I will be your BIGGEST hype girl throughout this process

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Things I love

Back in the day, plants came to my house to die. Turns out, they like water and light better than neglect. I now have an office filled with  plants that I've kept alive for a few years!

I'm obsessed with the confidence I had in 7th grade with my Rave-sprayed hair and the JCPenney sweater I BEGGED my mom to get me. To this day, I've never felt cooler. 

Macro photography makes me so happy. In my day to day life, I go a million miles an hour. With macro, I have to slow down, calm my energy, and be patient as I wait for the perfect shot. 

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I would love to hear from you! Collaborating with small businesses to elevate their image online is my JAM. Please let me know how I can best serve you!

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